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We began our training with a country wide tour in 2011, we visited the 11 venues based within the big cities to physically present the course. We have since done annual trips to venues which require physical training. We realise however that veterinary frontstaff are not always able to sacrifice a full Saturday or may not be able to travel to the elected venues. Therefore we have incorporated an innovative new tecnology that allows veterinary frontstaff to be trainied in the comfort of their own homes. For more information and to view the dates that this training will be available, click on the Webinars link.


The first formal Eduvet Sales and Marketing training workshop for veterinary receptionists and veterinary retail outlet sales staff happened on Saturday 18 September 2010 at the University of Johannesburg. Since then we have provided training for over 100 learners who have each shared the enthusiasm of the staff presenting the course.

formal Eduvet sales and marketing training workshop

formal sales and marketing training workshop

Receptionists had to complete pre-reading and an assignment before attending the workshop. The training required a lot of active participation from attendees and incorporated a number of role play scenarios and group discussions.··

After the workshop, online assignments have to be completed in order to be assessed properly. Attendees also have to keep a “workplace logbook” where they have to document how they apply the skills learnt. Once formally assessed the participant will receive a certificate of completion of the skills program and will receive 6 credits on the National Qualifications Framework.

Veterinary practices and retail vet shops who pay Skills Development Levy can also claim back their SDL because Eduvet is an accredited program.·

“The important thing to realise about Eduvet training is that it is not only one day”, says Dr. Joubert Viljoen, who facilitated the training. “The comprehensive approach required and thoroughness of the learning process set by SETA, will deliver major dividends for all concerned (Industry, vets, receptionists/sales people, customers and ultimately the animals we treat) in the long run.”

Some comments from participants on the day:

“Relevant information - not lots of difficult technical stuff. Everybody was encouraged to participate. Excellent course!”- CT·

“Well presented, interesting and easily understandable. Enjoyable.”- FH·

“It was interesting to learn about the different sales techniques.”- AB·

“I enjoyed the day very much and felt that I learnt a lot about sales and marketing. Dr. Viljoen’s knowledge was superb and the manner in which he presented the whole course was so enjoyable.”- ADK·

“The course provided clear guidelines for the marketing and sales of veterinary products and the qualifications or characteristics of a good receptionist necessary for the successful sales of OTC and front shop products, and for the correct treatment of clients and pets prior to their visit to the vet.”- MY

formal receptionist and front line training course

Eduvet sales and marketing training